Male sockit (Mta) 25 mm (1 inch)
WaterPrime®  Male sockit (Mta) 25 mm (1 inch) - 25 mm (1 inch ), cpvc
  • WaterPrime®  Male sockit (Mta) 25 mm (1 inch) - 25 mm (1 inch ), cpvc
  • WaterPrime®  Male sockit (Mta) 25 mm (1 inch) - 25 mm (1 inch ), cpvc
  • WaterPrime®  Male sockit (Mta) 25 mm (1 inch) - 25 mm (1 inch ), cpvc
  • WaterPrime®  Male sockit (Mta) 25 mm (1 inch) - 25 mm (1 inch ), cpvc


Male sockit (Mta) 25 mm (1 inch)

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Introducing WaterPrime CPVC Pipes and Fittings - Elevate Your Plumbing Experience!

Discover the pinnacle of performance with WaterPrime, our premium line of CPVC pipes and fittings, designed to revolutionize your water distribution systems. At, we bring you a top-notch solution for your plumbing needs.

🔥 Unmatched Temperature Resistance: WaterPrime CPVC is crafted to withstand high temperatures, making it the ideal choice for both hot and cold water applications. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace a plumbing solution that stands the test of temperature extremes.

🌐 Corrosion-Free Confidence: Our CPVC pipes and fittings offer unparalleled resistance to corrosion, rust, and scale buildup. Experience the durability that goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring a long-lasting and maintenance-free plumbing system.
🛠️ Easy Installation, Lightweight Design: WaterPrime CPVC is not only robust but also easy to handle and install. The lightweight nature of the pipes and fittings, coupled with the simplicity of installation using solvent cement, ensures a hassle-free experience for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

💰 Cost-Effective Excellence: Upgrade your plumbing system without breaking the bank. WaterPrime CPVC provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional materials, ensuring that you get exceptional quality without compromising your budget.

🌈 Versatility at Its Core: Whether it's residential, commercial, or industrial applications, WaterPrime CPVC is designed to meet your diverse needs. Enjoy the flexibility and versatility that comes with a product line that adapts seamlessly to various plumbing requirements.

🚿 Maintain Water Temperature Effectively: With low thermal conductivity, WaterPrime CPVC helps maintain water temperature efficiently. Experience the comfort of consistently warm water without unnecessary energy loss.

🔒 Safety First: Prioritize safety with WaterPrime CPVC's inherent fire resistance. Rest easy, knowing that your plumbing system is equipped to handle unexpected situations with confidence and reliability.

🌟 Compliance and Quality Assurance: WaterPrime CPVC pipes and fittings adhere to industry standards and local building codes. Trust in a product that not only meets but exceeds expectations, ensuring a compliant and high-quality plumbing solution.

Upgrade to WaterPrime CPVC today and elevate your plumbing to new heights. Visit to explore our product range, make a secure online purchase, and experience the difference of WaterPrime in your daily life. Transform your plumbing with WaterPrime – where excellence meets innovation.

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